Dog Diaper Giant Size Reusable Adjustable with velcro and 6 diposal pad - 2 pcs set Diaper ( Dog Diaper Giant Size (For Largest size dog breed) 40 inch waist, Back 11 inch & Crotch 18 inch - 2 Pcs set Adjustable Diaper with velcro and 6 disposal pad) {PLEASE CHECK SIZE IN PHOTO B'FORE BUYING} "Good for Female Dog Menstruation Underwear Sanitary REUSABLE Diapers

Size : Large..... No of Pcs : 02 Diapper with 6 disposal pad Material : Cotton Colour : Yellow & Different colour - Colour May vary Quantity : 02 Pcs Reusable Diapper with 6 disposal pad Washable at home in machine NOTE : Diaper with velcro can be adjsuted smaller or larger Note : Please check size before buying.....or please caNll us 9358733548

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